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52 Cyber-Training Sales Audios
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Cyber-Training was our weekly email training program where subscribers would receive a new sales lesson in their inbox every Monday morning.  So we took these lessons and created 52 outstanding audios that range between 2 and 7 minutes each.  These are great to listen in your car on the way to the dealership, or use in a sales meeting as a brief training session.

If you'd like to use them in a sales meeting, we'll also provide you with a hard copy of the scripts in Acrobat format so you can make copies and hand them out to your salespeople for review.

You will receive over 4 hours of sales training audios all in mp3 format ready to listen to on your computer or portable media player.  These audios will be delivered on a DVD, so you'll need to transfer or listen to them over your computer where you can burn them to a cd-rom or upload them to your ipod or portable media player.

We originally charged $260 to subscribe to this program for an entire year, just for the emails.  So you're getting a tremendous value incorporating the audios in this package.

These are recorded with studio quality, so the quality is great.  Audios you'll receive in this package include:

Week 1- Road to Success”
Week 2- Thirteen Reasons for Asking Questions
Week 3 - Multiplying Your Sales Through Networking
Week 4 - Profile of the Perfect Salesperson
Week 5 - Closing Techniques - Part 1
Week 6 - Closing Techniques - Part 2
Week 7 - Keys to an Effective Presentation
Week 8 - Six Basic Steps in Negotiating
Week 9 - Trial-Close Your Way to a Sale
Week 10 - Detecting Fear in the Customer
Week 11 - 9 “P’s” of a Great Vehicle Salesperson
Week 12 - Dealing with Failure Comes with the Job
Week 13 - Why Some Vehicle Salespeople Don’t Succeed
Week 14 - Tips on Remembering Names
Week 15 - Managing Your Money for Financial Security
Week 16 - What to Do if Your Income Drops
Week 17 - Guidelines for Ethical Behavior
Week 18 - Put Forth That Extra Effort
Week 19 - A License to Sell
Week 20 - Five Principles for Successful Closings
Week 21 - Move on to Success
Week 22 - Learn Why Your Prospect Buys
Week 23 - The Six Principles of Influence
Week 24 - Are You Marketing to Your Customers as Efficiently as Possible?
Week 25 - 7 Laws of “Win-Win” Negotiations
Week 26 - Build Trust — Get Organized
Week 27 - Negotiating Tactics of Customers
Week 28 - How Much Do You Care?
Week 29 - How to Avoid the Four Fatal Sales Mistakes
Week 30 - Is It the Goal or the Process That Will Move You Forward?
Week 31 - The Assumptive Close
Week 32 - Why Should I Buy From You?
Week 33 - The Power of Email
Week 34 - Understanding Your Online Customer’s Expectations
Week 35 - 21 Ways to Keep Your Customers for Life
Week 36 - Are You Successful on the Telephone?
Week 37 - How Well Do You Know Your Competition?
Week 38 - “I Have to Talk It Over With...”
Week 39 - There are No New Objections
Week 40 - Three Principles That Lead to Sales Success and Wealth
Week 41 - I Want to Be a Success!
Week 42 - Your Best New Prospects are Your Current Customers
Week 43 - What to Say On Repeated Follow-Up Calls
Week 44 - The Price vs Value Issue
Week 45 - Testimonials — Letting Your Customers Sell You
Week 46 - What is the Reality of Selling
Week 47 - How to Master the Art of Selling on the Telephone
Week 48 - What Exactly is a Close?
Week 49 - Why They Won’t Buy What They Want.
Week 50 - Negotiating the Price You Deserve
Week 51 - Sales is Not Only a Numbers Game
Week 52 - Getting More Referrals

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