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$69.00 per Year


If you don't want to order individual cd-roms and downloads, but would like to have access to every mp3 advertised, and more, then this one price subscription is for you. Access these downloads 24/7 with your own personl username and password.

You'll be able to download audios, all in mp3 format from categories like: • Sales • Management • Internet • Industry (audios by experts from around the world) • and General (audios from famous sales and managment trainers outside our industry).

Directions for Subscribing

1. You can subscribe with your credit card or Paypal account by clicking on the link to the left.
2. Once you subscribe you'll be sent a username and password to your email account within 24 hours.  Make sure you check your Junk Email folder.
3. Insert your username and password on the login page, where you'll then be
re-directed to the list of available audios.
4. When you click on a link to download an audio, you'll again need to input your username and password since you'll be entering a secured directory.
5 It is against our subscription policy for you to give out your username and password to anyone.  Violated subscriptions will be canceled without refund

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