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Automotive Salesperson, Inc. Seminar Audio
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Automotive Salesperson, Inc. is a program that teaches salespeople to become better business people. Many salespeople around the country run their business by “pot-luck” which basically means, whatever happens, happens. They come to work in the morning, take whatever the dealership has to give them, then leaves the dealership at the end of the day . But throughout the day they never do anything to actually develop their business as if it were .

This is not a selling skills course
We have determined that increasing a salesperson’s selling skills alone will not give this individual the tools necessary to attain that next level of success. Once a salesperson learns the basic fundamentals of selling, or the “10 Steps to the Sale”, additional business will come from understanding the business aspect of sales; all of those areas above and beyond the basics that salespeople need to learn.

When salespeople get hired into a dealership, they get a free phone, a free desk, a free telephone answering service, a free advertising budget, and a million dollars worth of inventory, with no investment on their part whatsoever. All they have to do is run their business from their desks just as if it was there very own business. Well, there’s the problem. Most salespeople don’t look at it as a business. They look at themselves as salespeople, and it’s the dealerships responsibility to get them business.

This audio was the first seminar I performed when we launched this program. The results were spectacular.

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