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Cyber-Training for Vehicle Management
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Cyber-Training was our weekly email training program where subscribers would receive a new management lesson in their inbox once per month.  So we took these lessons and created 12 outstanding audios that total 60 minutes of listening pleasure.  These are great to enjoy in your car on the way to the dealership, or use in a sales meeting as a brief training session.

We originally charged $60 to subscribe to this program for an entire year, just for the emails.  So you're getting a tremendous value incorporating the audios in this package.

These are recorded with studio quality, so the quality is great.  Audios you'll receive in this package include:

- Asking the Most of Your Salespeople and Getting It
- Assessing Your Salespeople's Skills
- Eight Ingredients for Effective Sales Training
- Employee Orientation
- Five Keys to More Powerful Sales Meetings
- Handling the Salesperson in a Slump
- Listen to Your Sales Staff for New Ideas
- Loyalty is Your Greatest Asset
- Sales Managers Make a Difference
- Selling in Tough Times
- Splitting Deals
- Ultimate Customer Service

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