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Gearing-Up for Management
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Management is an important responsibility. It’s a position that requires more than just an understanding of the normal day-to-day operations of your department. The success of your job is dependant upon your ability to turn ordinary people into outstanding employees.

There are few things more rewarding for a manager than to watch his/her employees grow. This continued growth is what takes a company from one level to the next in stability, as well as profitability. If you’re the type of manager that takes pride in your department, and your staff, then welcome to Gearing-Up for Management.

Gearing-Up for Management is an audio that provides every manager the tools necessary to become an effective leader. The easy-to-listen format will give you the tips you’ll need, leaving you plenty of time to run your department.

Topics in this audio include:

Characteristics Motivation
Complaints Organization
Criticism Performance
Decision-Making Performance Reviews
Delegation Planning
Employee Feedback Plan Evaluation
Firing Praise
Goals Role
Hiring Stress Management
Initiative Styles
Leadership Teamwork
Meetings Training Adults

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