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Phone-Up Follow-Up Seminar Audio
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It has been proven that a typical dealership procures over 50% of their business from prospects and customers calling on the phone. So it stands to reason that the more proficiently you handle that phone call, the better the chance the prospect or customer will give the dealership their business. So this means that you now have certain responsibilities to the dealership, not only to make a living, but also for the privilege of working there.

From this point, you will either set an appointment, or you'll need to follow-up with the customer until you get one.

No one will deny that following-up with customers and unsold prospects is the single most important task any salesperson needs to do in order to achieve that next level of financial success.  But it is, without a doubt, the most neglected part of the whole sales process.  How many potential sales will slip away because a salesperson does a poor job of follow-up?  More importantly, how many existing customers are lost because the typical salesperson has no program for staying in touch to develop stronger relationships, which ultimately will earn more repeat and referral business?

So you put these two areas together, and you have the secret to getting and retaining more customers for the rest of your career. This audio will take you through the steps necessary to achieve positive results.

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