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Phone-Ups Sales Meeting Audio
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The phones should be a very important area for salespeople to gain additional sales aside from showroom customers. The problem is, a typical salesperson does not like the phone. Salespeople like the face-to-face contact of a showroom customer because they feel more confident and incontrol by having the person there in front of them. And psychologically, when they walk into the dealership, they feel the customer is ready to buy a vehicle, so they will actively pursue the sale.

When a customer calls on the phone, this takes salespeople out of their comfort zones. They can’t see or interact with the customer, they don’t know if the customer is ready to buy, and they don’t study or practice the skills necessary to convert a phone-up into an appointment. So, they
ultimately just give information.

Psychologically, the salesperson feels the phone-up is a waste of their time. If the customer was truly interested in purchasing, they would walk in instead of phone first. They know they’re not likely to be the only dealership the customer is calling, so if they do need to give figures over the phone, chances are the figures will be low, and the salesperson won’t make a big commission. More importantly, if this is the first dealership the customer calls, the salesperson will do the majority of the work, and the customer will just call around to other dealerships to see if they can beat the deal.

Listen to this Live Training Session so you can ultimately become more comfortable on the phone, and increase your sales and commissions.

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