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Phone-Ups are Big Business
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Your ability to handle phone-ups professionally will be the determining factor for gaining additional sales per month. Individuals calling for information on the phone should be handled just like a prospect walking through the door. How you deal with their questions and concerns will be the determining factor for getting an appointment.

In the past when there were fewer carlines and business was booming, prospects were flocking to the dealerships by the busloads. Salespeople didn’t have to take phone-ups as seriously as they need to now. Today, when people call the dealership, it’s because they are usually very busy, and need to gather information before they spend their valuable time shopping around. You need to treat these individuals with the same respect as you would prospects walking through the door.

You shouldn't answer the phone just to provide information, or to act as the liaison between the prospect and the dealership. If you’re going to take the time to answer the phone, go that extra step and try to set an appointment. If you can convince your prospect to come in and see you, you have moved one step closer to making the sale.

This audio will teach you to handle every phone-up like it was a business.

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