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Taking Care of Business
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In every dealership, there are professionals who earn over $100,000 or more per year and there are those who are starving. Often, the difference between sales superstars and average salespeople does not come down to good looks, better education, more product knowledge, or even knowledge of more sales techniques. It comes down to a professional mind-set and a solid work ethic. Those who are proud of what they sell, the services they provide, and what they do are vastly more successful than all others in the automotive industry.

In most dealerships, all salespeople receive the same training and learn the same sales techniques. Given all of these similarities, how are some salespeople able to become sales superstars and make $100,000 per year, while so many other salespeople struggle just to make their draw? 

Here are the secrets that you weren't taught in basic selling skills that will take you to that next level of sales and financial success.

Taking Care of Business is a 2-disc audio program that covers:

  • Running Your Business Like a Business
  • Following-Up to Develop Future Business
  • Networking for Business
  • Gaining That Competitive Advantage
  • Developing Repeat and Referral Business
  • Managing Your Time for Increased Productivity
Once you master these six areas, you'll be on your way to financial freedom!


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