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Winning the Internet Sales Game Quickstart Audio
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Today, more dealerships are marketing their vehicles through the Internet than ever before. And while the jury may still be out on the success of cyber-selling, leading marketers believe if you don't jump on the
Internet bandwagon soon you'll be left on the side of the Information Superhighway.

The big question on everyone's mind these days is, "What's with this whole internet thing?" Some dealers are doing well, while others can't even get started. I want to give you a perspective of how not only the Internet, but technology in general is changing our business and also give you an insider's view of what and how the dealership of the future will look like and operate. This will hopefully get you excited to take that next step in developing a sound internet department

Though you may not have time to attend a seminar, the tips in this audio will help move your thought process to a more profitable internet department. Segments include:

• Introduction
• Building an Online Sales System
• Developing a Business Plan
• Having the Right Tools
• Hiring a Top Notch Internet Sales Manager
• The Appointment Coordinator
• Selecting a Lead Provider
• Selling the Appointment
• The Phone vs Email Debate
• What to Do with Leads You Don't Close
• Tracking Your Internet Business
• Close

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