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Close More, Make More!
The Recession-Proof Sales Manager
How to Make a Profit in the New Car Department NADA
Winning the Internet Sales Game Quickstart
Phone-Ups are Big Business
20 Live Sales Training Audios
Phone-Ups Sales Meeting
52 Cyber-Training Sales Audios
Sharpening Your Skills as a Used Vehicle Sales Manager
5 Tips to Closing More Sales
Taking Care of Business
20 Cyber-Training Management Audios
The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars
Automotive Salesperson, Inc. Seminar
Phone-Up/Follow-Up Seminar
Best Practices of Successful Prospecting & Networking RVDA
Winning the Internet Sales Game RVDA
Gearing-Up for Management
Audio Download Subscription Program
12 Cyber-Training Management Audios

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21 Ways to Keep Your Customers for Life
What Makes Me Different Than Other Salespeople
25 Ways to Motivate Yourself
Multiplying Your Sales Through Networking
Be-Backs: Getting Them to Return
Running Your Business Like a Business
Developing Repeat and Referral Business
Managing Your Time for Increased Productivity
Following-Up to Develop Future Business
Handling Performance Reviews
Gaining That Competitive Advantage
Handling the Trade-In
The Gospel According to Mike
Obstacles to Getting Referrals
Scripting Your Objections to Increase Closes
Six Principles of Influence
Phone-Ups: The Forgotten Sale
Multiplying Your Sales Through Referrals
Product Presentations That Sell
Profile of the Perfect Salesperson
Staying in Touch with Unsold Prospects
Negotiate to Close
Top 10 Sales Killers
Understanding Behavioral Styles
Handling Objections the Easy Way

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