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"Mike did a great job showing my salespeople how the can make more money and close more deals. It couldn't have come at a better time."


Don Hart

Sales Manager

Genesee Dodge


"Mike's in-dealership program has given us a philosophy and direction that has brought new excitement to our dealership. This program makes us accountable for our success through the continuous reinforcement of sales and leadership theories. Every month is something new to look forward to."


Oneita Fellows

General Manager

Crestwood Dodge


"The products that are supplied to our salespeople and managers are what we've been needing for a long time. The way they've been developed showed us that Mike has a finger on the pulse of today's auto dealership."


Joe Falzon


Signature Ford


"I like knowing that every Monday morning they'll be a new lesson in my email box. The Cyber-Training program helps to remind me of the value of training."


Gloria J. Morgan

The Trail Center, Inc.


"I want to thank you for your overall excellence on the project. During the development phase you went "above and beyond" to ensure that our printed and spoken message was correct for our audience. I also appreciate your preparation effort on this course. By spending extra time with our clients and dealers, you quickly learned to present ideas with the context of their business. And in the classroom, your fast moving and likeable style made your course one of the most memorable, applicable to the job, and fun of all."


Larry Schovan

Creative Manager

Sandy Corporation


"It was a pleasure to work with you at the Harley Davidson University. I especially admire your ability to merge practical ideas with concepts that inspire."


Stewart DeBrucker

Professor of Marketing

Whaton University



"Most in-dealership training programs simply concentrate on increasing sales. But Mike's program has a strong emphasis on making our department managers better leaders. This type of training is sure to bring our managers and their staff closer together, which in turn will increase loyalty and productivity."


Bill Jones

General Manager

Brighton Ford


"Just a quick feedback about your book "The Ultimate Motorcycle Manager". It really is interesting to me, as it points out several areas where I would fall short.


I like how concise each section is, as it makes it easy for a chaos-reader like myself to spend a few minutes a day reading a section I like.


Here in Japan the working culture is very different from the US, still I think that each human responds the same, if you treat him or her with respect. So your book is applicable for me.


In my company we have to improve the mood, which right now is a little below standard. So I know your book will help me to set the right tone."


Bernd Kestler

Aprilia Japan Co.

Yokohama, Japan

“Listening to Mike do his presentation, I couldn’t help but continuously nod my head in agreement. His message was what needed to be said, and you could see that he really had passion for the auto sales business. I would not hesitate having him back again!”


Brian Tellier

General Manager

Jefferson Chevrolet


“My salespeople are experienced, but we still walked away with tips on how to close more sales, become better organized, and how to develop more internet business. It was 30 minutes of motivation and sound suggestions.”


Ken Failla

New Car Sales Manager

Don Gooley Cadillac, Inc.


"I wanted to thank you for the fine job you did at the salesperson auto show training sessions in Orlando and Kansas City. You are very skillful in developing a rapport with your audience, and your enthusiasm is most infectious. It appeared that the attendees at both meetings were receptive to your training suggestions, and left with a share of your enthusiasm."


Dottie Priehs

Displays and Exhibits

Ford Motor Company


"Harley-Davidson University once again was very successful. Your H.O.G. seminar proved to be one of the best. Your past experience with riding motorcycles and your dedication and enthusiasm towards informing our dealer network was displayed at its highest level."


Bill Davidson

Manager, Harley Owners Group

Harley Davidson, Inc.


"Though we just started with Mike's in-dealership program, we can already see the excitement of knowing that every month, Mike will provide us with continuous motivation and training. We've already seen a difference by the way he provides support even when he's not in the dealership."


Mike Pruitt


Mike Pruitt Lima Ford


"Your seminar was 'ON THE MONEY' as it relates to addressing our day-to-day challenges in the hospitality industry. You have shown us that our ability to succeed as a team and as individuals will rely on our ability to think outside the box in each and every situation we are faced with."


Kathi Lulesza

Hotel Manager

Wyndham Garden Hotels


"The Manager's 52 Week Lesson Planbook is a tool that is of great value, to any sales manager's training tool chest. It is full of great ideas that can add better skills to any selling group. It shows the importance of a manager being a coach, as well as a sales leader."


Jerry Haverty


Controlled Selling Systems


"The Service Advisor Training Program is very well constructed. It appears that a lot of thought and energy was expended in the design stages. Overall, I would say that you have created an educational tool that is relevant to the 'Real World' value added techniques such as allowing the dealership to personalize the orientation training to their own systems. Also, developing 62 different training sessions that can be completed at the service managers discretion. These two areas alone allow the dealership the ability to participate with the new advisor or to redirect an old hand in areas that need tune-up. The Service Advisor Training Program will be a valuable tool for any dealership that wants to have a consistent, updatable training program for service advisors."


J. T. Doudna

Manager, Service Management Education

Chrysler Corporation


Michael Learning Group


Michael Learning Group is an automotive, rv, motorcycle and marine dealership training and product development company whose goal is the success of dealership salespeople and managers. We specialize in teaching salespeople and managers to become financially secure by combining selling skills and business skills training, and by developing the tools necessary to achieve that next level of sales and financial success.


All of our products we create are downloadable and can be purchased online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Mike Whitty


Mike has been training dealership salespeople and managers for over 30 years. He has received national acclaim for his training techniques, communication skills and development of training tools.


Mike conducts seminars and workshops for manufacturers, for retail dealers and for vehicle satellite training networks. His publications have been purchased by manufacturers, dealers, managers and salespeople, are widely popular because of the easy and practical way they help improve dealership sales and management.

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